Wood from responsibly managed forests only.

Our local laws and regulations require logging standards and sustainable forestry – standards that easily match FSC-requirements.

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The nature around Bajina Basta is beautiful. We like the landscape in which we live and work. This is another reason why the sustainable use of nature is close to our hearts. We know our suppliers and the origin of our wood, and it is important to us that forest management always takes place within the strict legal framework and meets our high standards.

100% Robina

Robinia Development has grown into a highly specialised and leading expert in Robinia wood in Europe since our foundation in 2013.

Best European hardwood

Robinia wood has excellent technical properties and great natural durability. It is heavy and particularly hard - with significantly higher strength values than oak wood.

Local sourcing, short distances

Our wood comes from forests in max 300km around Serbia. We value short transport routes and know the forests where our wood is harvested.

No clearcuts

Clear-cutting contradicts our conviction and all standards of sustainable forest management - and is fortunately also prohibited by law in Serbia.

We buy your wood

You are a forest owner from the region and have robinia wood in your forest? Let's do business!

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Robinia is largely insensitive to heat and drought. As one of the most weather-resistant wood species in Europe, it is suitable for outdoor applications and with ground contact.


Robinia wood can be used very well for interior applications. Thanks to its high dynamic load capacity, Robinia is particularly suitable for high-quality products as well as for gymnastic and sports equipment. Like ash and beech, Robinia is also excellently suited as bending wood.

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