Palisades & stems

Ideal for playgrounds, gardens, fences and much more: our palisades are natural and completely free of harmful substances. We are happy to supply whole logs in any size.

Product information

Our palisades are natural palisades, i.e. diameter-sorted logs that follow the natural growth of the robinia tree. Each palisade is unique.
Natural palisades have a friendlier effect than straight technical products and are mainly used in garden landscaping and playground construction. Robinia palisades are also many times more climate-friendly than comparable substitute materials. They do not contain any pollutants by nature and can be reused in other ways or burned after use.
We also supply whole robinia trunks with branches and forks, e.g. for use as climbing trees on playgrounds, for decoration of interiors or public places.
Our palisades and logs are completely de-sapwooded, rotten branches are dowelled out (only minimal rotting is tolerated) and finally sanded (K24/K40). They go through several quality controls and meet the highest quality standards.
Our specialty is to grind the palisade in an own constructed machine to get back to a more natural round without corners from desapoowding.

Our Products

We are proud of the quality and high production standards of our range. Get an idea of our products. And if you don't find what you are looking for, please challenge us: We can make almost anything possible, as long as it's made of robinia wood.