Close to nature and quick to lay: Our robinia wood is an attractive paving for paths, driveways or the floor of sheds or garden sheds.

Product information

Our robinia paving is a natural floor covering for outdoor areas. The ground is not sealed by the paving and water can seep away well. Wooden pavers made of robinia have a durability of 10 to 15 years and are excellently suited as a quick-to-lay paving of lanes, property driveways and parking areas.

Our robinia paving consists of squared timber elements with the underside firmly stapled to a net of galvanized steel. We offer squared timber in two sizes: 60x60mm and 90x90mm. The height is 60mm in each case, we can supply other heights upon request.

The paving tiles are 305x305mm in our standard size and support 9 or 16 wooden elements depending on the squared timber size. The distance between each element is 8mm or 18mm and is grouted with chippings after laying.

Since the paving elements are made of end grain wood, water can penetrate. In order that they can always dry and not rot, they must be laid only on chippings and not on sand or earth.

Our Products

We are proud of the quality and high production standards of our range. Get an idea of our products. And if you don't find what you are looking for, please challenge us: We can make almost anything possible, as long as it's made of robinia wood.