Perfect for friendly property borders: Our vintage fences made of high-quality robinia wood with a smooth surface. We are happy to manufacture individual fence constructions.

Product information

We manufacture lath wood, beams and posts for fences and advise on individual fence construction.

Our specialty is individual property fencing, which consists of 2 to 3m long slats. In this type of fence, individual slats are placed at irregular intervals between posts and bolted to crossbars.

The posts used are desapwoodedunsplinted, natural or cylindrical robinia wood palisades or square timbers. The beams with a length of about 2m are also made of planed robinia wood. The fence slats are solid Robinia boards, either parallel, hand-parallel, near-natural or conical, planed and sanded on request.

On request, we produce in our factory carpentry any type of fence - rustic, close to nature or very symmetrical. On the basis of a technical drawing, we agree with the customer on the construction and production details such as wood protection, screws, etc.

Our Products

We are proud of the quality and high production standards of our range. Get an idea of our products. And if you don't find what you are looking for, please challenge us: We can make almost anything possible, as long as it's made of robinia wood.