Expertise plus Commitment

Our heart is made of robinia and beats for sustainable regional wood processing. The fact that we are successful with this makes us proud.

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Our concern is to promote the use of Robinia. This is because Robinia wood is a local, resistant alternative to hardwoods from primary (tropical) forest. We constantly strive to research and develop the processing of Robinia and its sustainable silviculture, and to bring Robinia into the current building standards as a building and construction timber.

Our Story

From low-level to high-end – with persistence and innovation

Since our establishment in 2013, we have grown from a simple processing company to a high-end manufacturer of all kinds of Robinia products. Today we employ more than 60 people.

We are a pioneer in robinia finger-jointing. We work according to a process developed by our parent company eurobina in 2004. It particularly meets the peculiarities of robinia wood and the high requirements for stability and strength of joints. We are experts in high-quality finger-jointing products and are constantly researching and improving our processes.

We are the only finger-jointing plant for Robinia with a test laboratory where we constantly check the moisture content of the wood and the bonding for flank density and breaking strength. For control purposes, we conduct regular comparative tests at the Materials Testing Institute of the University of Stuttgart (MPA).

Since 2019, RD has been led by a management team of three women and one man. Together, we strive to make our production processes even more sustainable and to contribute to regional development in Serbia.

Some impressions from our factory on Serbian TV (in Serbian).

Our goals

We are aiming high – we want to be a role model in our industry

A lot has happened in the last eight years. We have improved our production technology and perfected finger-jointing. We buy wood exclusively on account to avoid corruption and have introduced our own system to prevent the purchase of illegally logged wood. We have decided to ban single-use plastic from production. And we have worked to increase gender equity in the company, achieving a 2:1 male-to-female ratio on our team so far.

But we can go even further. We want to be an example of regional, sustainable wood processing to show that durable wood products do not have to come from tropical rainforests and be transported thousands of kilometers.

We want to:

  • purchase even more wood directly in the proximity of the sawmill; to minimize the distance between forest and our production side
  • establish long-lasting relationships with our suppliers, to ensure their economic development and enhance trust and reliability
  • minimize our ecological footprint by constantly improving our methods
  • be an example of local, sustainable economies


We want to be credible

In our CSR report (PDF in German / in Serbian), you can find more detailed information about the measures we already took as well as our plans for the future. We will publish it here soon.


Management, consulting and due diligence advising for wood industry companies in Serbia

We can proudly say that we are probably the only company in Serbia that can make a spatial assignment for each trunk in our factory up to the point of processing. In addition, we regularly check input and output in order to maintain absolute internal transparency and thus prevent illegally felled wood from entering our production Now we also offer external companies a consulting and corresponding implementation of our constantly evolving system. With the successful implementation of our system, which, among other things, largely prevents corruption processes, the wood industry companies/clients can proudly say that they are devoted to "Fair Stewardship Commitment". It is our mission to ban illegally and under corruption felled, wood from the production chain with a maximum of 1 level trade chain and the proof of all official forest accompanying documents and legal accounts, we contribute to this to the best of our ability. If you are interested, please send an us e-mail.