Massive Boards & Beams

Our solid wood products are made of dried or fresh robinia wood and are available in many variants: sawned, planed, sanded, parallel or conical.

Product information

Whether construction timber or high-quality flooring: our solid wood products are suitable for almost any application. We manufacture boards, planks, battens, squared timber and beams with a length of up to 3m. Depending on the product, we use dried or fresh robinia wood.

Depending on the intended use, we offer our solid wood products rough sawn, rough sawn and chamfered or planed and chamfered. Roof boards, balustrade boards and desapwooded lumber have at least one desapwooded tree edge.

We supply boards as parallel boards, “hand-parallel” boards and conical boards in widths from 70 - 160mm. Hand-parallel boards are not exactly parallel with a deviation of 1 to 2cm in width. Conical boards are trimmed along the edge of the tree and taper towards one side.

Due to the special characteristics of robinia, planed products may have slightly torn and rough surfaces. We are happy to offer you a sanded surface (up to K100) for an additional charge.

With all products we pay attention to a very high quality, allow only small sapwood areas and tolerate only unavoidable minimal rotting.

Upon request, we can also produce boards with a profile according to your specifications in our factory's own joinery. Also a head processing of the boards and surface bonding to glued laminated timber is possible, contact us!

Our Products

We are proud of the quality and high production standards of our range. Get an idea of our products. And if you don't find what you are looking for, please challenge us: We can make almost anything possible, as long as it's made of robinia wood.