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Aleksandar Grozdanić
Aleksandar Grozdanić
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Gerriet Harms
Gerriet Harms
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RD Robinia Development DOO
Milenka Topalovića 100a
31250 Bajina Basta
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Management, consulting and due diligence advising for wood industry companies in Serbia

We can proudly say that we are probably the only company in Serbia that can make a spatial assignment for each trunk in our factory up to the point of processing. In addition, we regularly check input and output in order to maintain absolute internal transparency and thus prevent illegally felled wood from entering our production Now we also offer external companies a consulting and corresponding implementation of our constantly evolving system. With the successful implementation of our system, which, among other things, largely prevents corruption processes, the wood industry companies/clients can proudly say that they are devoted to "Fair Stewardship Commitment". It is our mission to ban illegally and under corruption felled, wood from the production chain with a maximum of 1 level trade chain and the proof of all official forest accompanying documents and legal accounts, we contribute to this to the best of our ability. If you are interested, please send an us e-mail.